How to enable Whatsapp Payment feature -Whatsapp payment invite

As we know that Whatsapp launched it’s most awaited Whatsapp payment feature. But we got to know that even with the latest updated version of the app you don’t get the feature rightaway. Instead one has to manually get a Whatsapp payment invite from the person who has got UPI payment enabled. Basically it is rolling out in a chain, where the people having the feature request to each other and thus carrying the chain forward.

The same way was used when whatsapp introduced calling feature back in 2016, where a person having the call icon called someone to enable his/ her calling feature.

The UPI id is powered by ICICI. The direct rollout of this UPI feature may have overloaded the servers like it happened before at the new year’s eve and few times before. As we know the indian user base of Whatsapp is one of the largest, so chain activation will ensure there is no server overloading issue.

Luckily we got the feature activated and have demonstrated how to enable it. Also if you need to enable it join our social media links to get the invitation/activation.

Setting up Whatsapp Payment feature

One can setup the UPI Payment id once he/she gets the payment icon in attachment section. First of all update the app to the lastest version in android/ios.

How to enable Whatsapp Payment invite - enfobell

Once you see the payment icon enabled in the attachment icon near to camera icon. Go to the settings> Payments and setup the UPI id as Virtual Payment Adress (VPA) . Here VPA is powered by ICICI bank and you get the address in the format <10-digit mobile no.>.wa.<bank id>@icici. Here keep in mind, that the mobile number which is registered on whatsapp must also be linked to any of the banks as primary number.

How to enable Whatsapp Payment feature enfobell

How to enable Whatsapp UPI Payment feature enfobell

The VPA is the base of all the payment apps like Tez, Phonepe and BHIM which we have used earlier and Whatsapp implements the same. So the amount sent and recieved in whatsapp chats will be directly deposited/credited into your bank accounts and this is not any type of wallet service.

Sending Money Via Whatsapp Payment feature

Once you got all the setup process complete, open chat of the particular contact you want to send money and tap on the attachment icon and select payment and enter the amount you want to send. The app takes a few seconds to process and the money is directly deposited into the reciever’s bank.

But presently, unlike BHIM,Tez and PhonePe apps there is no ‘request money’ feature in Whatsapp Payment. Maybe this feature could be rolled out later.

We tested the feature and it worked fine taking just about 4-5 seconds to process.

Whatsapp payment invite enfobell

We also have a detailed video regarding activation and setup process. Check it out for more details and for any queries comment down below.

Whatsapp payment invite

For activation of the payment option you can visit our telegram group or whatsapp group.

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