Nokia’s iconic “PureView” technology may make a big comeback with HMD

HMD global has been recently doing stellar work in restoring the Brand name “Nokia”. As you may know, Nokia’s mobile business was Acquired by Microsoft in 2014 and with that the Nokia’s licenses like the HERE maps, Pureview Technologies etc became a part of Microsoft. HMD later bought it back in 2015. Under HMD Global Nokia has released some great phones. With the acquisition, Nokia’s iconic “PureView” technology may make a big comeback with HMD Global in upcoming Nokia Phones. And PureView camera for android is around the corner.


History of Nokia “PureView technology” trademark:


The PureView trademark Was Present in Iconic Devices Like the Nokia 808 and Lumia 1020. The Nokia 808 based on Nokia Belle OS and 41 MP Carl Zeiss optics, Xenon flash. The Nokia Lumia 1020 was a Windows Phone 8 OS with 41 MP, OIS, Carl Zeiss optics, Xenon & LED flash. The cameras were surely above of its time, but Nokia failed to adapt to the Changing market. Although the devices had the top-notch hardware but the Software- Windows Phone OS wasn’t catching up with the likes of iOS and Android.


The Acquisition Of Nokia:

While in 2015 when the HMD Global bought back the mobile business of Nokia back from Microsoft, most of the licenses and patents remained with Microsoft.

One of which Nokia “PureView” technology has been bought back again. Which means HMD global making Nokia Phones can use the technology branding in upcoming phones. According to HMD’s EUIPO page, HMD Global officially got the rights to use PureView on August 23.





Future Of the Nokia Smartphones: PureView camera for Android

Nokia never really sold PureView or any other technology to Microsoft, it just licensed the technology for 10 years. Now, since HMD holds the trademark, it might license the technology behind the trademark. It was recently rumored that the HMD global is considering the use of Light’s Penta-lens camera setup on its smartphones. Most probably, the PureView brand will debut along with a flagship that will feature a Penta-lens.

With HMD aiming to release a few flagship phones later this year with Snapdragon 845 and the latest Snapdragon 710, we can surely expect a whole new Camera improvement. And PureView camera for Android will be a reality soon.

Going by the Nokia standards, the Cameras has been a highlighting part of the phones and with the acquisition of PureView Technology, HMD is aiming to make a popular Flagship Camera Phone. This will really help in restoring the good old Nokia’s Glory.

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