Google ARCore is the augmented reality solution for Android

Google came up with yet another new product called “Google ARCore ” for Android , which aims to provide “Augmented Reality” reach to all the android phone running “Android Nougat” and above. While the “Project Tango” was just for few Tango based smartphones like the Asus ZenFone AR.

What is Google ARCore?

According to Google, ARCore is a platform for building augmented reality apps on Android.These three technologies integrate the “Virtual Content” and the “Real World” seen via the phone’s camera.

  • Motion tracking:

    ARCore uses a process called concurrent odometer and mapping, to calculate the phone’s position relative to the world. ARCore first detects some “feature points” and uses these points to compare the change in location. The visual information is combined to get the exact movement of the phone’s relative position. The virtual content can be emulated in different angles with the use of 3D rendering which makes the “virtual image” appear as a “real world moving image”.

  • Environmental Understanding :

    ARCore is constantly improving its understanding of the real world environment by detecting feature points and planes. It hunts for clusters of feature points over horizontal surfaces like tables and reports to the app as planes. ARCore also determines each plane’s boundary and makes that information available to the app.

  • Light estimation:
    ARCore detects lighting conditions of the environment and calculates average intensity. This information is very useful as it lights up the virtual objects according to the average intensity and thus adapts the inclusion of “virtual object” into the augmented reality in a very real manner. Without light estimation, the object would certainly stand out and look unnatural.
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Why Google ARCore ?

Google was lacking a mainstream appeal with its “Project tango” which is exclusive to Tango devices. It has some extra hardware like “depth sensing cameras”, but with “ARCore” google aims to tap into the already running android devices. ARCore is the Google’s augmented reality solution to counter Apple’s AR kit. Apple has already shown the demo of its powerful AR kit and it will certainly launch the iPhones with AR kit on September 12 event.

So this is a crucial time for Google to get an upper hand in AR word and provide augmented reality experience to the mass android scale and become mainstream.

Although google has made ARCore available for Google Pixel, Pixel XL and Samsung Galaxy S8 during the SDK preview, it has promised to make it available for all the android devices running Android Nougat and above later this year through an update.

Here is the video from google which explains a lot.


Ever since with the games like Pokemon Go and Snapchat’s “World Lenses” filters, the augmented reality is gaining popularity among the masses. With “Project Tango” Google could not have made up to a huge mass. Google can make augmented reality popular by investing into ARCore. Most of the people are still not ready to get a high end devices. The tango devices are expensive and have sophisticated sensors just for an augmented reality experience.

The ARCore technology uses the phone’s camera and sensors present already and gives a basic augmented reality experience. Although devices with high end specifications will enhance the experience. So it all depends upon the user enthusiasm for time being.

Earlier expectations for augmented reality has primarily focused on head-worn displays such as the Sony’s Playstation VR, HTC Vive, and Microsoft’s Holo Lens. Recently, however, adoption of head mounted AR devices is still several years away.

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