August 17, 2019
Nokia Pureview Enfobell

Nokia’s iconic “PureView” technology may make a big comeback with HMD

HMD global has been recently doing stellar work in restoring the Brand name “Nokia”. As you may know, Nokia’s mobile business was Acquired by Microsoft in 2014 and with that the Nokia’s licenses like the HERE maps, Pureview Technologies etc became a part of Microsoft. HMD later bought it back in 2015. Under HMD Global Nokia […]

artificial intelligence machine learning enfobell

What is Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence- Facts and difference.

Recently, Artificial Intelligence has been used interchangeably with Machine Learning but that notion is incorrect. Artificial intelligence known as “Al” refers to the machines that do tasks which mimic the characteristic of human intelligence and involve planning, understanding the human language and sounds, learning and solving the problem. Artificial intelligence definition is a bit different […]

3d pen

3D Pen- All the technology behind it, You should know.

Hоw Does a 3D реn Work? Firѕt оf аll, a 3D реn is ѕоmеwhаt likе a gluе gun. The plastic filament оf the реn hеаtѕ uр аnd fоrсеѕ thе рlаѕtiс tо get out оf thе tiр. And the mеltеd рlаѕtiс саn bе used tо drаw anything thаt you mау wаnt. Aѕ ѕооn as thе mеltеd […]

How to enable Whatsapp Payment feature -Whatsapp payment invite

As we know that Whatsapp launched it’s most awaited Whatsapp payment feature. But we got to know that even with the latest updated version of the app you don’t get the feature rightaway. Instead one has to manually get a Whatsapp payment invite from the person who has got UPI payment enabled. Basically it is […]

artificial intelligence enfobell

10 Technical Milestone which will affect the Quality of Life.

10 Technical Milestone which will affect the Quality of Life. A positive technological advancement is one with substantial disruptive potential which gives a broader impact on the advancement of the quality of life living by the people all over the globe. These are the following 1. Artificial intelligence:- JOHN McCARTHY ,inventor of artificial intelligence defines AI […]

google tez enfobell

Google introduces “Tez”- an alternative app to Android Pay or BHIM ?

Google has launched it’s most anticipated new UPI (Unified Payments Interface) backed app which uses the VPA (Virtual Payment Access) . Which means Google Tez doesn’t need any prepaid wallet or credit card details or even NFC. It uses the Virtual Payment Adress of the individual given by the bank to send or recieve money […]

google arcore enfobell

Google ARCore is the augmented reality solution for Android

Google came up with yet another new product called “Google ARCore ” for Android , which aims to provide “Augmented Reality” reach to all the android phone running “Android Nougat” and above. While the “Project Tango” was just for few Tango based smartphones like the Asus ZenFone AR. What is Google ARCore? According to Google, […]

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