10 Technical Milestone which will affect the Quality of Life.

10 Technical Milestone which will affect the Quality of Life.

A positive technological advancement is one with substantial disruptive potential which gives a broader impact on the advancement of the quality of life living by the people all over the globe. These are the following

1. Artificial intelligence:-

artificial intelligence enfobell

JOHN McCARTHY ,inventor of artificial intelligence defines AI as the science of making intelligent machines especially intelligent computer programs, we can say it is a way of making computer or computer controlled systems who can think  intelligently similar to humans. Artificial intelligence and advance machine are applied in many techniques such as deep learning, Neural network, natural network processing. Even more advance techniques move beyond traditional rule based algorithms to create a hybrid system that can able to learn ,understand , adapt, predict. This quality makes a smart machine appear Intelligent.

But as we know are afraid of things which we won’t understand completely. Sometimes these intelligent machines act mysteriously for example facebook closed his experiment after two artificially intelligent programs appeared to  be chatting to each other in a language only they can understand. But to reveal these mysteries all major tech giants are working in this field.

  1. Application intelligence:-

It is the process of using machine learning technology to generate apps that use previous history as well as real time data to make predictions and decisions to deliver adaptive personalized experience for users. These are often called as intelligent Apps. Intelligent apps such as VPAs perform the functions similar to the human assistant making everyday tasks easier, and it is more user friendly. Over next 10 years almost all app, service and applications will incorporate some level of AI.


  1. Intelligent Gadgets-

It is basically a term for everyday objects that incorporate autonomous technology. In other words we can say that intelligent things can respond to real world conditions automatically. For example drones, smart appliances autonomous vehicle permeate the environment. These devices are being used as remote sensing devices, and in some cases armed intelligent devices are used to guard the territory.


  1. Augmented Reality:-

It is a technology that superimposes a computer generated image on a user’s view of the real world, It is a live direct or indirect view of real or imaginary world environment whose elements are augmented by computer generated real world sensory input such as sound, graphics, GPS data and video. The landscape of immersive consumer and business content and application will evolve dramatically in upcoming years. Augmented Reality and virtual reality capabilities will merge with the digital mesh to form a more efficient system of device capable of orchestrating a flow of information that comes to the user as hyper personalized and relevant apps and services.


  1. Digital Twin:-


A digital twin is a virtual model of process, product or service. This combination of virtual and physical worlds allows analysis of data and monitoring of systems to solve off the problems before they even occur. It basically works as a bridge between the physical and digital world. Different type of smart sensors  being  used to gather data about real time status position or working conditions are integrated with a physical items. The components are connected to a cloud based system that receive and process all the data the sensor monitor. Hence lessons are learned and opportunities are uncovered within the virtual environment.


  1. Conversational System:-

A conversational system is a complex computer system which is able to converse with a human with a coherent structure. It mainly offers a messaging or conversation driven user experience and facilitate contextual conversation around business events. Our modern conversational are yet simple but in future it will able to adapt understand human feelings. The current focus for conversational system is based on chat bots and microphone enabled devices. However digital mess encompasses an expanding set of endpoints people use to access applications and information or even interact with social communities, government and business.


  1. Mesh App:-

Mesh app is the new and smart way of organizing, planning, and even communicating with our peers for any kind of group activity, big or small. Mesh provides convenience and simplicity to its user by combining the functionality of multiple apps into one concise app. In  Mesh app is the combination of service architecture ,web apps, mobile apps desktop apps, IOT apps links to a broad mesh of back end services to create what user view as an application. The architecture encapsulates services and exposes APIs at multiple levels across organizational boundaries balancing the demands for agility and scalability of service with composition and reuse of service

8. Machine learning:-

The software running over any device or a server starts learning about user patterns and stores data to predict any user input or interest. This can make our lives so easy. As we dont have to deal with the repeated robotic predictions of a device. Instead the device learns about you and adapts according to your behaviours. Many smartphones have started implementing machine learning as well as tech giants are spending a huge budget to get the algorithm more specific and exact.

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